Everything you need to make
property management more fun

Online Payments

Overnight Funding
With ManageGo, payments made today are available tomorrow.
Mobile App
For tenants and property managers
Automatic Monthly Payments
Set and forget with our recurring payments feature
Bank Accounts & Credit Cards
Multiple payment methods for online rent payments
Accounting Integration
We integrate with the most popular building management accounting solutions
Detailed Reports
See financial reports on all your buildings
Payment Exports
Use our financial exports in your own program
Bank Reconciliations
Easily match balances with your bank account
Push & Email Notifications
Set your preferences for your notifications
Payment Receipts
Automatic email receipts to tenants
Split payments between roommates in one apartment
Fees & Charges
Accept late fees and HOA building charges online

ServiceHubTM Maintenance Tickets

Ticket Based Support
View ticket requests by property and apartment
Task Scheduler
Schedule maintenance support tasks
Categorize Tickets
Automatic or manual ticket categorizing
Work Orders
Create and schedule ticket orders with suppliers
2-way Communication
Communicate with tenants in an efficient manner
Internal Communication
Reply to tickets privately so only your team can read it and reply to it
Push & Email Notifications
Send out notifications to all tenants or for a specific building or apartment
Mobile App
Beautifully designed app for maintenance tickets
No login required to view and respond to tickets
Task Assignments
Assign tasks to employees and office personnel
Notifications to Third Parties
Include third-party suppliers in your tickets
Picture & File Attachement
Everything you need to get a complete view
Search & Filter
Easily find tickets and replies
Reports & Analytics
Get a glimspe into team performance and tenant requests
Prioritize Tasks
Highlight important tasks to be done
Status and Tags
See where your tickets are up to